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For over one hundred years, Thos. D. Walsh, Inc., Realtors has provided top quality residential and commercial management, and helped thousands of Washington homebuyers and sellers navigate the housing market.  With over a century old network in Washington, let us make you part of the family.

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We are Proud to Offer:

  • 24-Hour Help from Hands-on Staff
  • A Staff of experts in DC Housing Laws and Regulations
  • Relationships with Repair, Maintenance, & Contractors to get you quality bids for your Property
  • Legal & Finance Assistance

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Our Premier Services:

Maximize Your Rental Income

Thos. D. Walsh, Inc., Realtors' managers are experts in DC's Constantly evolving rental market.  Feel confident knowing you will never be behind the curve.  We will help ensure rental income while minimizing income loss due to vacancies, negotiating current contracts and reducing your property's overhead.

Minimize Your Cost

Our well-established relationships' with licensed, bonded, & insured contractors, guarantee you the best possible price and highest quality workmanship for your maintenance repairs and renovation projects.  Let us use our ability to collectively bargain down the prices for you.

Navigating DC Law

Navigating DC’s complex landlord tenant laws can be complicated and sometimes financially devastating. Let our experts deal with the frustrating bureaucracy for you. We can easily obtain permits & Licenses including:

  • Certificate of Occupancy
  • Basic Business License
  • Section 8 Filing
  • Rent Control Filing
  • Building Permits

Additional Resources:

  • Pro-Active Inspections
  • Negotiate down your City Fines

Screening Tenants

We make sure you get the best possible renters by thorough screenings including:

  • Criminal Background Checks
  • Employment Verification

Issue Prevention

We handle repairs of all sizes- interior, exterior maintenance & complete renovations

Our expert managers can refer you the best possible renovations and upkeep to maximize your building's value and minimizing current costs

We emphasize preventative maintenance to increase the lifespan of your valuable assets